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Hispanic Import Goods

Niche Treats!


Exotic Chip Flavors

$ Price Varies

Chips are a big part of our culture. From Duros to Chicharrones, we got you covered. We also find the hard to get chips you can only find in little tienditas in Mexico or the random gas stations in small Texas towns. Best of all we will have a rotating selection of designer chips to keep your chip game up!

Dulces (Sweets)

$ Price Varies

Apart from our natural and healthy selection, we also have the occasional sweet treat! All based on our favorite hispanic goodies! Duvalin, chamoy, paletas, Vero Mango, De La Rosa Marzapan, Tamarind straws, Paleta Payaso, Bandera Coconut Candy, and more!


Mics. Goods

$ Price varies

While we do have our own in store salsas for purchase. We also know how hard it can be to find the go to salsa we all grew up with as everyone says their is the best. from Cholula, to Valentina, even Texas pete, we got you covered. You can also get Tamal Husks, manteca, canela, tamarind, La Lechera, media crema, and much more!

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