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Fruteria (Fruit Cups)

In-store made & Instagrammable! Totally cutomizable or simple and sweet!


Grab & Go Cups

$3 Keiki - $ 5 Med. - $ 7 Lrg.

Pre-made with no toppings (you can add on see pricing below). When you are on the go, or just want something simple and sweet! These are a great, and healthy option to enjoy! Buy some for your lunch or your Keikis, and get going with your day!


Regular Fruit Cups

$4 Keiki - $6 Med - $8 Lrg.

Step it up a level with our regular fruit cups. You can pick the mix with these, and choose one topping for no charge! Add. toppings see below.


Instagrammable Cups


This is our biggest cup with all the fixings (Chamoy, Tajin, limon, Salsa, etc). Pick your fruit combinations, Pick your toppins and let us make a mouth watering masterpiece!

Extra Toppings: ($.50 each additional)




*Chamoy Staw (+$1)

*La Lechera condensed milk

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