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About Us

Do you remember that feeling as a child when your parents would give you money as a reward, and you had finally saved enough to go to the market or ice cream shop in your neighborhood? It would be filled with delicious snacks, and treats that could satisfy any craving. We would spend what felt like hours perusing the offerings, trying to decide what to because there were so many options that you could not just pick one. THAT FEELING is what we are trying to bring back to children and adult hearts here in the close-knit community of our Kailua.

MOM’S is a modern version of the Paleteria/Fruteria (a Hispanic booth or shop where popscicles and fresh fruit cups are sold and made). We also are a Community-oriented tiendita (shop) that offers all-natural treats, Hispanic-inspired import goods, & specialty snacks. Our fresh offerings are for health-conscious individuals who value natural ingredients.

Founded in 2023 by Rebecca Romero, her husband Ricardo, and amazing son Sai. We are a small first generation business!

Our goal is to become the go-to destination in Kailua for those seeking unique, health-conscious, and authentic flavors. We also aim to celebrate Hispanic culture, and uplift the local community by doing so. MOM’S will become a beloved fixture in the local community, and we look forward to serving our ohana/familia for years to come.

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